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A betrayal that has protected humanity from the apocalypse for two millenia. A woman who can read people like an open book. A secret that is stronger than death.

Sister Catherine is different. She can see people’s auras and is a rebel within the Church. Just when she is confronted by her archenemy Cardinal Ciban, her mentor Father Darius dies in a freak accident. Shortly thereafter, the influential Cardinal Benelli commits suicide. But before he does, he reveals to Catherine that her gift is the only thing that can save the pope. To protect Leo XIV, Catherine is planted in the papal household where she discovers an unbelievable secret about the pope and the murdered clergymen. But what does Cardinal Ciban have to do with it?

„It is an old game. One of the oldest of all. It’s called ‚good versus evil’.“
Cardinal Benelli

If you like Steve Berry, James Rollins, Juan Gómez-Jurado, and Dan Brown, you will be engrossed in this unputdownable Catherine Bell thriller.

Readers are saying…

  • „I have read a lot of Vatican thrillers that have speculated about the future of the Church, but Lux Domini is by far the best.“
  • „A must-read for fans of Steve Berry and Dan Brown… set in a Vatican where the psychically gifted play an essential role…“
  • „I loved all the murders and conspiracies, and the mystery at the heart of the Catholic church.“
  • „Crime meets mystery… A thrilling story… Gripping from beginning to end.“
  • „Well thought out plot with well-developed characters… based on historical facts and scientific research with a healthy dose of fiction to match…“

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Five facts about Sister Catherine

1. Catherine helped the FBI as a nine-year-old child by using her gift in Chicago to save a boy’s life.

2. Catherine’s mother rejected her because she could not cope with her daughter’s gift.

3. Catherine grew up at a boarding school, the Catholic Institute for the Psychically Gifted, where she learned to control her gift.

4. She studied theology, joined an order and challenged the Modern Inquisition with her church-critical books, only to be confronted in Rome with the dark side of unscrupulous Vatican politics.

5. Catherine finds that her worst enemy supports her in time of greatest need and that there is more than just faith behind some biblical mythology.